KYBASTONE was invited by PECHAKUCHA CHENGDU and 2019 CHENGDU IGN Week as invited guests and presented wonderful sharing with other 9 speakers on the theme of "City living Room".


Carrol Yang the operation director of KYBASTONE started her sharing with the nature of nesting and developed it to the need for living.


The value of the home can never be measured by the space. It is more about the whether the personal need is fully been filled and developed in a consistent way.


KYBASTONE changed the original layout of the space bravely and use the high tech to make the space multifunctional.


We also redefied the luxurious residence. By developing the idea “To favor people with the greatest freedom in limited space” KYBASTONE present its R1-B residence in Chengdu.

In general we often underestimate the importance of the bathroom and kitchen. This time we rebuild the high quality residence with these two basic spaces. We broke down the wall of the guest home and transformed it into a multiple used room. Home is a place that we suppose to communicate with each other instead of being separate. By changing the layout we also gain a space for yoga, meditation and storage.


The most luxurious residence is not about the space that you can occupy but the pursuit for the details and the match with the personal need of the owner. A place we can communicate with our family and provide positive energy for our life.